Proprietary Phone Usage

These instructions are for operating a proprietary phone on the NEC Ranger AK system.

Answering an Internal Call

  • Receive voice announce call (longer tone)
  • Ensure the MIC LED is lit
  • Respond handsfree or lift the handset


  • Receive ringing
  • Lift the handset
  • Converse.

Answering an Outside Call (not ringing at your station)

To answer an incoming outside call that isn’t ringing at your station, do the following:

  • Receive incoming call
  • Lift handset
  • Press the flashing outside line key
  • Converse

Answering an Outside Call (ringing at your station)

To answer an incoming outside call, do the following:

  • Receive incoming ringing call
  • Lift handset
  • Optional (depending on system programming): Press the flashing outside line key
  • Converse

Your system administrator can program “Ringing Line Preference” by following these instructions. If Ringing Line Preference is programmed, you can answer a ringing call simply by lifting your handset.

If Ringing Line Preference is not programmed, then you will be required to press the ringing line key.

Automatic Callback

If you have called a station and received call waiting or busy tone, you can use automatic callback to notify you when the station is free.

  • Receive busy or call waiting tone
  • Dial 0
  • Receive confirmation tone and restore handset
  • Station rings when called station is idle
  • Lift the handset, return call is placed automatically

Background Music

If your system is equipped with a background music source (requires an optional card) and system programming allows it, you may listen to this source through your telephone speaker

To Set/Cancel

  • Press the FNC button
  • Enter access code: 93
  • Press the FNC button

Note: The background music source is different to your music on hold source

Call Forwarding

You can use call forwarding to forward your calls to another telephone.

To set call forwarding, do the following with the station idle.

  • Press the FNC button
  • Dial 60
  • Enter the destination station number
  • Press the FNC button

To cancel call forwarding, repeat the above process.

Call Pick-Up

You can use call pickup to answer an incoming external or internal call not ringing at your handset.

  • Lift the handset
  • Dial the access codes, as below:
    • 60 – For external call pick-up in different group
    • 61 – For intercom call pick-up in same group
    • 62 – For CO call pick-up in same group

Callback Request

To Set

After calling another station and receive a call waiting tone, busy tone or no answer:

  • Press #
  • Receive confirmation tone OR receive error tone if denied.
  • Restore the handset

To Answer

Your FNC LED will be flashing. If you have a display phone you may also receive notification on the LCD.

  • Lift the handset
  • Press #

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Do Not Disturb is a feature of the NEC Ranger system that allows you temporarily block incoming calls whilst still being able to make outgoing calls.

This feature is useful in scenarios such as meetings where you do not wish to be interrupted by the sound of the phone ringing.

When DND is set, system paging will also be disabled.

Callers attempting to call your extension will receive the call waiting ringtone and it will not be possible to perform a blind transfer to your extension. Your extension will flash on associated DSS keys.

To set/cancel DND, do the following with the station idle:

  • Press the FNC button
  • Dial feature code 65
  • Press the FNC button

It is also possible to program a feature access key so that DND can be toggled by the press of a button. For more information on how to do this, please look at the Programming Feature Access Buttons topic.

Door Phone Calls

  • Receive door phone chime
  • Lift the handset
  • Answer door phone by dialling appropriate access code
    • 81 – Door Phone 1
    • 82 – Door Phone 2

Door Lock Release

With the door phone conversation in progress:

  • Press the FNC button
  • Enter access code: 6

Establishing a Conference

You can establish a conference between two lines + 1 extension, 1 line + 2 extensions or 3 extensions. To establish a conference call, do the following:

  • With a call in progress, press the HOLD button
  • Call another station or press an outside line key and call the second party
  • When the party answers, announce conference
  • Press the CNF button. Three party conference is established

Handset Volume Control

If you are having difficulty hearing the remote party, you can increase the handset volume. Depending on system programming, the volume increase takes effect for the current call only (default) or can be set the permanent by your system administrator.

  • Handset volume can be increased with a call in progress
  • Press the FNC button
  • Enter 2
  • Repeat above process to return to normal volume

Line Reservation

If there are no lines available when you wish to make a call, you can reserve a line so that a line will be offered to you when one is available. Your reserved line will show up as in use to other extensions when it is offered to you.

  • Dial 9 or select a line (even if it is in use)
  • Receive busy tone
  • Dial 64.
  • The system will call you back when a line is available.


There are two types of paging, internal and external. Internal paging is broadcast over the speakers of proprietary telephones. External paging is broadcast over an amplifier and speakers (requires optional paging card and paging equipment).

Paging zones are setup by your system administrator in system programming.

Internal Paging

  • Lift the handset
  • Enter the desired internal paging zone
    • 70 – All Stations
    • 71 – Zone 1
    • 72 – Zone 2
    • 73 – Zone 3

External Paging

  • Lift the handset
  • Enter the desired external paging zone
    • 75 – All Zones
    • 76 – Zone 1
    • 77 – Zone 2

Answering Paging

  • Lift the handset
  • Enter meet-me answer code, 74

Placing A Call On Hold

You can place both internal and external calls on hold. Internal calls placed on hold will hear silence whereas external calls will hear music on hold from your music source.

To place a call on hold, do the following

  • Ask the party to hold
  • Press the HOLD button once, held line key flashes
    • You may press HOLD a second time for exclusive hold. Only your station will be able to retrieve the call.
  • Restore the handset (optional)

Placing An Internal Call

To place an internal call, do the following:

  • Lift the handset
  • Dial the desired station number
    • If you hear ringing, wait for an answer.
    • If you hear a beep, begin speaking
  • You can switch between ring signal and voice announce by pressing 1

Placing An Outside Call

To place an outgoing outside call, do the following:

  • Lift the handset or press SPKR for speakerphone/monitor.
  • Press an idle outside line key. (You may also be able to press ’9′)
  • Enter the desired telephone number OR
  • Press the LNR/SPD button and dial 00-19 for Station Speed Dial, dial 20-99 for System Speed Dial, or # for Last Number Redial

If your station is equipped for “Prime Line Access”, then you may not be required to select an outside line.

Retrieving a Held Call

To retrieve a held call, do the following

  • Press flashing line key OR
  • Press CNF if the call was an internal call

Tone Override

If you call an extension and receive call waiting, you can use “Tone Override” to tell them that you are waiting. To use tone override, do the following:

  • Receive call waiting tone
  • Press * to send tone override
  • Wait for the called extension to become idle or to answer

To answer

  • With a call in progress, receive a tone override
  • Press the HOLD button, converse.

Transferring a Call

You can use the transfer function to transfer a call to another telephone. To transfer a call, do the following

  • Press HOLD and dial your destination extension number
    • You can optionally press a DSS key after pressing the HOLD key.
  • (Optional) Announce call
  • Press RECALL and hang up.