Proprietary Phone Programming

Off Hook Ringing Assignment

This setting determines whether or not your telephone will ring on an incoming call if you are already talking on the phone.

If you are on the phone when your phone rings with this setting, your phone will ring at the lowest level.

  • Press FNC
  • Press LNR/SPD
  • Dial *
  • Dial 3
  • Dial either:
    • 0 – No Ring
    • 1 – Ring
  • Press FNC to store your changes

Programming Feature Access Buttons

Each NEC Ranger handset is equipped with 12 buttons with dual-colour LEDs that can be used as either line access keys or feature access buttons in addition to an extra 4 buttons without LEDs that can be used as feature access buttons.

Programming unused LEDs for DSS, features, etc. is extremely easy.

  • With the station idle, press the FNC button
  • Press the LNR/SPD button
  • Press the desired Feature Access Button
  • Enter 1 for Direct Station Selection; 0 for Speed Dial; or # for Feature Access
  • Enter the station number, speed dial buffer number or feature access code (depending on which mode you selected in the previous step)
  • Press the FNC button


  1. By default the first two rows of keys are reserved as line keys and cannot be used as feature access. To set these keys as feature access requires system programming. Instructions on how to do this are available here.
  2. You can also use the Direct Station Selection mode to program feature access to features such as paging. For example, for “All Internal”, select DSS mode and then enter “70″ as the station number.

Programming Speed Dial

  • Press FNC
  • Press LNR/SPD
  • Dial Speed Dial Buffer number (00-19 for station, 20-99 for system)
  • Dial telephone number to be stored
    • You can press SPKR to store the last dialed number instead
  • Press FNC to store your changes


  1. You can only set system speed dials from extensions 10 and 11.
  2. Pauses can be inserted into a speed dial number by pressing the LNR/SPD key. Each pause counts as a digit.
  3. Hook flash can be entered as the first digit by pressing the RECALL key.

Ringing Assignment

Set the ringing assignment to determine which lines ring at your phone when there is an incoming call.

  • Press FNC
  • Press LNR/SPD
  • Dial *
  • Dial 2
  • Press the line keys to set ringing assignment
    • Ring: Line LED on.
    • No Ring: Line LED off.
  • Press FNC to store your changes