This category covers questions that I frequently receive by email regarding the NEC Ranger system.

Can the NEC Ranger support Single Line Telephones (SLTs)?

Yes, the system can support SLTs such as cordless phones however an ODX-CFTX card is required.

The ODX-CFTX card provides 2 CO lines, 3 KT (key telephone) ports and 3 SLT ports.

Can I use ADSL with the NEC Ranger?

Yes, ADSL will work fine with the NEC Ranger system. In order to have ADSL connected, you will need to install a central splitter before the ADSL telephone line that connects to the system such as in the following simple diagram:

Does the NEC Ranger support caller ID?

Unfortunately the NEC Ranger AK does not support Caller ID on analogue telephone lines.