Test Phone Numbers

If you need to test communications equipment like a new PBX, test numbers come in quite useful.

The following are a list of test phone numbers that I use.

The Test Line

The Test Line is a service that I provide that provides a suite of tests including:

  • Caller ID read back
  • DTMF test
  • Echo test
  • Milliwatt Test Tone ;and
  • Music on Hold

You can reach the test line on the following numbers:

  • Australia: 02 8503 8000 or +61 2 8503 8000
  • New Zealand: 09 887 6986 or +64 9 887 6986

To prevent abuse you must present valid caller ID from one of the countries above.

Other Test Numbers

The following are other numbers I have found that can be useful for testing. If you own a number here and don’t want it displayed or if you have any other numbers to add, please get in touch.

Country Number Last Tested Description
AU 1800 801 920 2021-10-09 Caller ID readback. AU only
UK +44 20 8759 9036 2021-10-09 BT Line test
USA +1 800 444 4444 2021-10-09 MCI. Caller ID readback.
USA +1 213 621 0002 2021-10-09 Milliwatt test tone.