December 14 Update

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Today’s Listening: Dishwalla - Angels or Devils

Well, it’s been a few weeks since my last journal post. Not a great deal has happened in the life of Shaun but I’ll share anyway.

At the start of the month my Digitrex DVD player decided to quit playing DVDs. For some peculiar reason it plays everything else (VCD, CD, MP3, etc) fine but will simply say “no disc” on the display when trying to play DVDs.

Because the Digitrex swallowed one of the video store’s DVDs I had to open it up damaging the warranty sticker in the process and as there was no way I was going to pay to get it fixed, I decided to buy a new DVD player.

My local Good Guys store gave me a good deal on the LG DV6812P so I purchased it. As you can see by the previous photograph, the LG fits in nicely with my JVC VCR. The DVD player was supplied with the code to change region which is good to have if ever I purchase DVDs from outside R4 (Australia).

Updated 31/01/2003: DV6812P Region Free instructions.

Last week I decided to take a trip into the Airport with Justin. Armed with my trusty Canon Powershot A10 Digital Camera, we took a few photos of planes and other locations around the airport - some of which I’ll be placing online soon.

You may also have noticed some changes to the navigation of the site. I made these changes at about 5am today to cater for new sections of the site that will be coming online shortly including discussion forums.

The WS_FTP Decrypter mentioned in the journal entry on September 15 has finally been placed online. You can find it here although it’s still very much in beta and may have some unexpected problems. As with all my utilities, if you experience any problems please send me a message.

Last week I received my results for my last assignment (mentioned in the entry on November 6). The assignment was worth 20% of the unit mark and I got 19/20 which was a pleasant surprise.

I recently found out that my mum and sister are moving to Queensland next month. I’ll certainly miss them, but as Queensland is only 1.5 hours by plane I’ll still be able to see them frequently.

That is all for now.

Till next time!