LG DV6812P Region Free

By · · 1 min read · Home Theatre

This article describes the steps required to make this particular DVD player region free.

I believe the instructions work on some other models. If these instructions work for your LG DVD player (and it’s not a DV6812P or in the list below), please let me know.

To make this player region free (or change the region to something else), do the following:

  • Ensure that there is no disc in the player
  • Press PAUSE
  • Enter 314159 (the first six digits of pi with no decimal place)
  • Enter the region code (0 for region free, or 1-6 for a specific region)
  • Press PAUSE
  • Turn the player off for a few seconds and turn it back on.

Once you have followed these instructions, your player should be region free.

Update 10/06/08: I’ve been informed that the above instructions also work with numerous other LG DVD players including (but not necessarily limited to):

  • LG 2300
  • LG 3000
  • LG 3200E
  • LG 3520
  • LG 3550E
  • LG 4351
  • LG 4721P
  • LG 4730
  • LG 4821P
  • LG 4951
  • LG 4950S
  • LG 5083
  • LG 5822N
  • LG 593W
  • LG H13

On another note, my LG DV6812P is still functioning perfectly today and is without a doubt the most reliable DVD player I’ve ever owned (it’s now on its third television, and second sound system).