Yesterday's Happenings

By · · 1 min read

A few things happened yesterday.

  1. I went into Sydney, met my friend Justin in there and enjoyed Yum Cha for lunch. A few embarrassing moments when a waitress dropped a drink in my lap, but once that was cleaned everything was fine.
  2. Justin and I went into Glebe on the bus for a bit of a look around. My first bus trip since my horrible trip home from the airport a few weeks ago.
  3. Bought a 512MB stick of RAM for my Mac Mini. Spent a while figuring out how to open it, before finding out that one is supposed to ram a putty knife into the side. Opening it wasn’t too bad, but closing it was a nightmare. After all the trouble, the 512MB stick of RAM didn’t work. When turning on the Mac, it beeped three times and sat there. So we’re back to 256MB of RAM for the time being.

Other than that - no new news.