WhatsApp releases Windows and Mac desktop apps

By · · 1 min read · Tech

Facebook owned WhatsApp has today released desktop applications for both Windows and Mac.

WhatsApp is popular among travellers as it allows one to stay in touch using whatever Internet connection may be available abroad — whether that be connected to Wi-Fi at a local café or using a local SIM card obtained upon arrival at an airport.

Designed to be an extension of your phone, the desktop application will mirror conversations and messages from your mobile phone.

Unfortunately this does mean that if your mobile phone is offline then the desktop application won’t work either. I verified this as shown:

Nonetheless the app is easy to setup and is configured by using your phone to scan a QR code displayed within the desktop app.

I’d like to see less dependence on a connection to a phone but I’m still pleased to see a native desktop application available for those conversations that are just that little bit easier on a computer keyboard.

You can download the desktop application at https://www.whatsapp.com/download/.