September 22 Update

By · · 1 min read

After a horrible night sleep I got up at 8am so that I could go see my brother play soccer.

Had breakfast at McDonalds which was absolutely disgusting. It took almost 15 minutes from the time we placed our order to the time we had the food in our hands - and it wasn’t like the food wasn’t sitting there.

We had to remind the person what we had ordered whilst she walked around behind the counter like a zombie. It took her about 2 minutes to realise the orange juice machine wasn’t working - so I had to settle for coke.

When we got the food it tasted like it had been sitting there for hours.

The particular McDonalds has gone totally down hill. If they were in a place like Centrepoint or Wynyard (certainly two of the busiest McDonalds I’ve ever been to), there is no way they would survive.

Unfortunately my brother’s soccer team lost to an Eastern Suburbs team.

I got home and more assignment work followed. I’m trying to get as much out of the way as possible.

Till tomorrow!