September 15 Update

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Another boring day in the life of Shaun.

I had a horrible sleep; I couldn’t get to sleep until about 5am and then I kept waking up after that.

I got out of bed and done what I do every morning - check my email. I was greeted with another lot of spam. Half the spam was related to pyramid schemes that claim to make you $27,000 in a few weeks, and the other half was more Chinese spam that I can’t read.

I came across the algorithm to WS_FTP’s password encryption so I wrote a little PHP based decrypter which will be useful for me to retrieve all the passwords stored in WS_FTP 95 that I’ve long forgotten! I’ll post it under my utilities page sometime soon.

Other than that I spent some more time working on my assignments and borrowed a DVD from the video store to give my mind a rest.

Tomorrow I don’t think I’ll attend the University lecture. It’s on LANs, something we’ve been doing to death lately. I might still pop over to the actual campus though; I put in an Inter-Campus request for Jeffrey Zeldman’s Taking Your Talent to the Web and it has arrived at my home campus so I’m anxious to take a look as the book is supposed to be fantastic.

Luckily my University campus is only 10 minutes away. I love living where I do!

I shall end today’s journal entry there as I (try to) go to sleep at 1:20am on the 16th September.