September 13 Update

By · · 1 min read

Today I added two new areas to the site:

  • NEC Ranger AK: Documentation for the NEC Ranger telephone system; something I frequently get requests for. A work in progress!
  • Password Generation Utility: A quick utility I developed that allows you to create encrypted password entries that can be used with Apache to password protect a website

I’ve also spent a lot of time recently working on University assignments. I currently have 4. 3 of those are due within the two weeks.

I received a phone bill. It explains why my last few phone bills have been high recently - the phone company had tacked on about $80 in extra charges which they credited back this month. If they didn’t fix their mistake I never would have noticed. I’ll be paying close attention to my phone bills in the future.

The Sony Discman powering the music on hold for my phone system decided to die. I don’t think they like spinning a disc 24/7 :-). I went out and bought a cheap radio which now powers the music on hold. The good thing is, now I can listen to the radio from any phone in the house!

My incoming spam count is getting higher than ever. Spam is something I absolutely despise! Sometimes reading about enlarging your penis or improving your sex life is mildly amusing; but the latest batch of spam seems to be in Chinese and I can’t read it. The Nigerians must have gotten tired of getting no response to their requests to send me US$20,000,000 as I haven’t received any of those for a few weeks.

I shall end my mindless dribble there.

Till tomorrow! -Shaun.