Samsung BD-C6900 DVD Region Free

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January 8, 2011 — A video showing the procedure has been added.

Back in 2003, I published an article on my web site providing instructions on making an LG DV6812P DVD player region free.

Even today, that page remains one of the most popular pages on my site with referrers including search engines, other forums and more.

Sadly that player is no longer in use. While it still works perfectly today after 8+ years of operation, it doesn’t support my growing number of Blu Ray movies. For that reason, I replaced it with the Samsung BD-C6900 3D Blu Ray player with the purchase of a new 3D television late last year.

All went perfectly until I wanted to watch one of my few region 2 DVDs last night. I had almost forgotten about DVD regions having lived with the LG player for so many years and was quite disappointed to see this error on the screen:

Fortunately my disappointment was soon short lived, and I did some searching to find out how to change the player to “region free”.

I found some instructions, but many of them were complicated with requiring the keys to be pressed at the exact moment “NO DISC” is on screen or turning the power off at the wall first.

After trial and error, the instructions that worked for me were much easier than the complicated instructions I found elsewhere:

These instructions work on my Australian (region 4) player. The instructions may be different for different regions or even different versions of the player in the Australian market.

You can watch the video showing how to do this, or more detailed instructions are below.

  • Ensure that there is no disc in the player
  • Press REPEAT
  • Enter 7 6 8 8 4

Other regions should select one of the following codes instead:

  1. Region 1 – 29334
  2. Region 2 – 57538
  3. Region 3 – 56732
  4. Region 4 – 76884
  5. Region 5 – 53814
  6. Region 6 – 24462

Once you have done this, you should see a ’4′ appear briefly in the top left hand corner as shown below. This is the current region.

Enter the region code you want – either 1-6 for a specific region, or ’9′ for “region free”, ie:

Again, once your region shows, turn the power off and back on again. Once it reboots you should be able to view your foreign DVDs:

And like that, I can now watch my movie.