Printer out of ink

By · · 1 min read

Murphy’s law says “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” and it always prevails.

Today as I was preparing my subject folders to go back to University the time came to print the Unit Outlines for my subjects (normally around 20 pages each). Naturally 5 pages into printing the printer decided to run out of ink.

Coincidentally only this morning I was looking at printer ink prices so I’m well aware of the fact that it will cost me $69 for another cartridge.

Now all I need to do is to decide is if I want to buy a new cartridge tomorrow, or wait until I’m on campus and use some of the ~400 page credits I have on my printing account.

Such hard decisions I have to make in life. While others are debating whether or not to go to war, I get to decide whether or not to buy a new ink cartridge :-)