November 7 Update

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Today’s Listening: Andrea Bocelli - L’avitudine

Today I had an assessment in “Interactive Website Development”; a quiz that is worth 20% of the total course. The quiz was mainly related to ASP and other Microsoft server-side technologies.

Because the quiz was done electronically on Platform Web (the University “E-Learning” facility) you receive your results immediately which eliminates the (sometimes) excruciating wait.

I got a result of 76% which I was pleased with. This result tips my current marks over 50% (52.6%). This means that regardless of my result in the last practical component (worth 2%) and Assignment #2 (worth 20%) I have passed the unit which is always a relief.

My ADSL was supposed to go on today (if Telstra kept their schedule; although it’s already been postponed twice before). Apparently when ADSL goes on, there is a short disruption to phone service of up to 30 minutes. Around 1pm my phone stopped working for about 20 minutes so I hope this is a good sign. I’m going away for a few days though so I most likely won’t find out until Monday.

Today I also went to my mum’s house to visit her for her birthday. We went out to dinner to a Thai restaurant and had a nice time. Several dishes were ordered to share.

I ordered “Stir-fried chilli chicken” which was very nice (although a little spicy for other members of the family :-) ). We also ordered a lamb dish (Satay Lamb?), a prawn dish and some boiled rice to accompany our meal.

My mum also has another Belgian Shepherd which was a nice surprise. “Tyson” (picture) is the new Belgian Shepherd. “Xena” (picture) is the other Belgian Shepherd. Tyson is 7 months old and Xena is approximately 3 years old.

I stayed at Mum’s tonight.

That ends today’s entry!

Till next time. -Shaun.