November 28 Update

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Today’s Listening: Digitally Imported Classical [more details]

The past week has been fairly uneventful.

Recently I’ve been listening to the various music streams relayed by my ISP iiNet quite a bit. iiNet’s streams include trance, DnB, classical and alternative rock and don’t count towards the quota which is always good!

As with all permanent connections, outages must be experienced sometimes. Today I experienced my first ADSL outage of 1 hour. Apparently the Worldcom switch on which the iiNet connection terminates had a hardware failure and affected everybody in NSW on iiNet (dialup + ADSL). This was quite frustrating, but at least iiNet kept their status page updated so we knew what was going on.

I’ve made some modifications to my journal this evening. They’re mainly to do with the backend and don’t affect what you see. Some brief errors may have occurred this evening.

Earlier in the week I setup a link between Winamp (my mp3 player) and my web server to show what I’m currently playing. More info can be seen on the Now Playing page. This info can be seen on the site index page, now playing page or below:

Currently Playing: Nothing

Nothing else has happened this week. I’m going into Sydney tomorrow which is always something fun to do!

Till next time!