November 21 Update

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Today’s Listening: Robbie Williams - Feel

Well, a lot of things have happened in the 10 days since I posted last.

  1. I finally got ADSL (connected last Thursday). It was well worth the wait. I’m on the 512/128 plan and get download speeds between 50-60kB/s which is ever so much better than a standard modem. You can view my connection stats here. This is a link to my MRTG graphs, although as it’s hosted on my Linux server on the ADSL connection it may not always be up.
  2. I got a mark of 84% in the Applied Data Communications test I had on the 5th November.
  3. Over the past two days I’ve had my final exams of the year. I think I went alright in them, but I won’t find out for a while yet.

Anyway, I’m now officially on holidays until March 2002. Hopefully I’ll be able to clear the backlog of things I’ve been meaning to do all this time.

Till next time!