November 10 Update

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Today’s Listening: Josh Groban - Alejate

I got back from my holiday today. Unfortunately no news about my ADSL connection was received so I will hopefully find out tomorrow (Monday).

The first day of the holiday (Friday) was good. We had a cabin on the Colo River and spent the day relaxing and swimming.

The next day (Saturday) was a little worse. We had to move from the cabin to a caravan as we were unable to secure the cabin for the second night. The morning was spent swimming once again and all seemed good.

Around 12pm we were getting lunch at the park’s shop when the power went out. Our order was finished and the store had to close. Unfortunately without power there was:

  • No water (the park’s water pumps were ran by their power).
  • No refrigeration (our food started to go off in the 39’C temperatures)
  • No shop to buy more drinks/etc.

As the afternoon progressed we were notified that the power could take up to 3 days to come back on. Within a few hours our drinks were exhausted and we decided to get our money back and head home as we couldn’t stay without water, drinks and food.

We got back to Justin’s and in civilisation once again. By the end of the day we were exhausted and had a (relatively) early night.

Today (Sunday) we went to Pizza Hut for lunch and then I hopped on the train and came home.

The temperature in Campbelltown is much more comfortable and I end today’s journal on Sunday night with an indoor temperature of 22’C

Till next time! -Shaun