November 1 Update

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It’s hard to believe how fast the year has gone by. Although we still have another two months to go, I start wrapping up my first year of University next week.

I finished my 2nd last assignment of the year today for “Applied Data Communications and Networking”. The task was to design a network and write a written report (of approx. 12 pages) for a fictitious company that is opening three new branch offices.

My last assignment of the year is due Wednesday; the task is basically to design an order management system for “Supreme Pizzas”.

Friday nights for me are usually quiet time for reflecting. As I write this entry I am listening to the highly dramatic score from the movie “Gattaca” in a room where the only light is that eminating from my laptop LCD.

The score to “Gattaca” was composed by Michael Nyman, who is best known for his work in films such as “The Piano”. My favourite track would have to be “The Departure”, a powerful and moving piece of music that prompts a variety of emotions.

The new tutorials section has been slightly delayed due to time constraints, but hopefully I’ll have it up soon.

I shall leave today’s entry there!

Till next time!