Night on the town

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My friend Justin and I spent a wonderful night in Sydney on Saturday.

When we arrived in the city around 6:30, we went up to the Orbit Bar on the 47th floor of the Australia Square building in Sydney. This bar has splendid views of the city and usually has equally splendid service. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case on Saturday night as we waited more than half an hour for our drinks.

Leaving Orbit, we strolled over to Star City and decided to visit the Astral Bar located on the roof of the hotel building (17th floor). One’s visit to Astral bar commences with a glass elevator ride up the side of the building where the city unfolds before your eyes.

Justin settled on his single malt scotch, whilst I tried a variety of cocktails before settling on absolut vodka and orange juice for the remainder of the evening. We were both pleasantly surprised by the jazz singer (and accompanying band) that went from 10pm until 1am.

The time came to leave, so we took the elevator back down and observed people on the casino floor before walking back before leaving just after 2am.

I can’t speak for Justin, but I’ll definitely be going back to Astral in the future (not sure if I can say the same about Orbit though).