Movie - Mambo Italiano

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I received Mambo Italiano from Homescreen last week and decided to watch it today. As I didn’t know anything about the movie’s plot, I didn’t have any expectations - good or bad. I was pleasantly surprised by what I encountered.

Mambo Italiano is a comedy/drama on gay relationships in an Italian family. When Angelo Paventi (Luke Kirby) reunites with estranged childhood friend Nino Paventi (Peter Miller), they discover that they have more in common than they realised. After moving in together, Angelo decides that he can’t stand being “in the closet” any longer and decides to tell his parents despite Nino’s protests.

Angelo, supported by his neurotic sister Anna (Claudia Ferri) tells his parents and much drama ensues, including schemes concocted by Angelo and Nino’s parents to set them up with “nice Italian girls”.

Fortunately my own “coming out process” wasn’t as dramatic (even though I still get asked by distant relatives on occasion if I have a girlfriend yet), but the movie was quite fun to watch overall.

I’d give it a 7/10.