Foxtel HD+ Is Here

By · · 1 min read

After an extensive wait, Foxtel HD is now finally here broadcasting content in 720p and 1080i

The initial line up includes five dedicated HD channels as well as the feature I’m most excited about - Foxtel Box Office in HD (and on demand).

I registered my interest when the pages first appeared online and received a call last week offering the upgrade.

The upgrade fee seems set in stone, but given what’s in the box (4 tuners, 320GB storage, etc) it’s still quite reasonable (and half what Foxtel charged to upgrade to the IQ when it first came out).

I have however decided to move the existing IQ to my bedroom. Foxtel agreed to waive the installation fee for the outlet as well as the ongoing IQ fee which I was pleased with.

In any case, the upgrade should go ahead on June 17. I’ll be sure to post back sometime after that date with my experiences!