Flying Tigers Group

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I’m somewhat of a Microsoft Flight Simulator fanatic. I have Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (and 2002, and 2000) and fly whenever I can.

I’m also a member of a VA (Virtual Airline) - Qantas Virtual to be more specific with pilot ID QF555. Qantas Virtual is an airline in the Flying Tigers Group (which also includes many other VAs). As a pilot in a VA, you’re expected to fly real flights using the correct aircraft type and adhere to fairly strict rules regarding speeds, altitudes, etc.

Even though I’ve been using Microsoft Flight Simulator for quite some time, I’m still an amateur when it comes to VA and the Qantas Virtual is the first (and hopefully the last) VA that I’ve become a member of.

New pilots start out as Second Officer, and as their hours and number of flights build up they’re promoted - first to Junior First Office (100 hours/25 flights), First Officer (401 hours/75 flights), Captain and then Senior Captain.

Last Sunday I completed the necessary amount of hours to be considered for promotion to Junior First Officer. It’s fairly low on the scheme of things, but as it’s my first promotion I’m rather pleased with myself. Hopefully it won’t be too long before my next promotion!

Until next time!