AussieHQ IPv6 Update

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As of June 2011, I am no longer employed by AussieHQ. This post is for reference only.

One of the projects I am running at AussieHQ is the deployment of IPv6 within our content network.

It has been a while since I have posted an update and I thought it would be a good idea to do so.

There are several services that are in the process of being IPv6 enabled, and their status is below:

Core Network

  • Completely IPv6 enabled since February 2008.

AussieHQ Web Site

  • IPv6 enabled since March 2008.

DNS Servers

  • All 3 nameservers for AussieHQ shared hosting have AAAA glue records since August 2008.
  • All 3 nameservers for dedicated hosting will have AAAA glue records by the end of October 2008.
  • IPv6 resolvers are coming online by the end of October 2008 to allow dedicated server customers to resolve hostnames over IPv6.

Dedicated Servers

We are now able to provide IPv6 assignments to unmanaged dedicated server customers. Managed dedicated server customers are handled the same as shared hosting.

Shared Hosting

Due to limitations within Plesk and cPanel, we are not yet able to provide IPv6 on shared hosting. As soon as IPv6 ready versions of Plesk and/or cPanel are released, we will begin testing in our labs.

Other Services

  • AussieHQ and Jumba forums are IPv6 enabled.
  • Our NTP server is IPv6 enabled.
  • All mirrors (with the exception of are IPv6 enabled.