AussieHQ IPv6 Update

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As of June 2011, I am no longer employed by AussieHQ. This post is for reference only.

It has now been more than 6 months since my last IPv6 update, so I thought I would post another.

The status of our services are below:

Core Network

  • Completely IPv6 enabled since February 2008.
  • Additional IPv6 peering activated in late December 2008.

We’re also in the process of adding a second IPv6 transit provider, which means that our IPv6 connectivity is fully redundant. We estimate that this process will be complete by the end of April 2009.

AussieHQ and Jumba web sites

  • IPv6 enabled since March 2008.

Authoritative DNS Servers

  • All 3 authoritative nameservers for AussieHQ shared hosting have had AAAA glue records since August 2008.
  • The three authoritative nameservers for dedicated hosting will have AAAA glue records created by the end of April 2009.
  • The two nameservers for Jumba shared hosting will have AAAA glue records created by the end of April 2009.

DNS Resolvers

IPv6 resolvers were deployed in March 2009 to give IPv6 customers on our network the ability to resolve hosts without necessarily requiring IPv4 connectivity.

These resolvers exist in an anycast configuration in both Canberra and Sydney allowing for a theoretical 100% uptime.

These resolvers are:

  • / 2405:5000:ff:1::1
  • / 2405:5000:ff:2::1

Jumba VPS

  • All Jumba virtual private servers include IPv6 connectivity by default

Dedicated Servers

  • IPv6 connectivity available on request.

Shared Hosting

Because we use proprietary control panels for the bulk of our shared hosting, we require vendor support before we can deploy IPv6 support for shared hosting.

We use two primary control panels (Plesk and cPanel):

Parallels originally had IPv6 support listed in their roadmap for Plesk 9. Plesk 9 has been released since the last update but unfortunately does not include IPv6 support. Despite this, daemon software is being updated to include IPv6 support so I don’t think this is too far away.

cPanel does not support IPv6 at all.

Other Services

  • AussieHQ and Jumba forums are IPv6 enabled.
  • Our NTP server is IPv6 enabled.
  • All mirrors are IPv6 enabled.