Aloft introduces voice activated hotel rooms

By · · 1 min read · Tech, Travel

One of the features I love most about my home is the ability to control some of the automation systems using Siri.

If I’m in bed and I’ve forgotten to turn the lights off, a quick voice command later and it’s done — no more getting out of bed and stumbling towards the light switch.

Aloft, a brand of Starwood Hotels, has now rolled out this functionality to their Boston Seaport and Santa Clara locations.

Using an iPad in each room you’re now able to control the lights and set the temperature to your liking — a feature we like a lot more than fiddling with a dated thermostat that can generally provide temperatures reminiscent of either the arctic or the tropics, with nothing in between.

Of course I do hope that in doing this they haven’t neglected to fix one of my hotel pet peeves — power sockets by the bed.